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"My advice to anyone appealing a revocation of their driver's license I strongly recommend Grabel and Associates"
— Michael F.
"I felt informed and confident. I would absolutely choose Scott Grabel & Associates again."
— chaddyg8
These people know exactly what they are doing and will help you."
— Daniel C.
"You can't afford not to retain Scott Grabel & Associates if you want to win"
— Wheaty
"Scott Grabel and Associates was the only firm that virtually guaranteed that I could be successful at getting my driver's license back."
— vmako
"They know exactly what I needed and helped me retrieve all information necessary to obtain my license back."
— Mikeaziz0201
"I can truly say Scott Grabel and his team helped me get my driver's license back the first time!"
— D.A.
"If you want or need to win your case this is the law firm that will take you there."
— Tim K.
Over 97% success rate atdriver's license review hearings

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Michigan Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyers

In Michigan, a driver's license is a necessity, not a luxury. The driver's license reinstatement attorneys at Grabel & Associates realize that a client cannot get to work, fulfill family obligations, or get to a place of worship without a driver's license. When a Michigan resident has his or her license suspended or revoked, our driver’s license restoration attorneys are ready to help. If your license has been suspended because of multiple incidents of driving under the influence (DUI) or operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), please contact us today for a free consultation.

Proven Track Record Winning Driver's License Hearings

You will receive a clear explanation of the process of driver's license restoration in Michigan. Do not let a driver's license suspension stand in the way of getting your life back on track. A lawyer from Grabel & Associates has the experience to get your license reinstated. An attorney is available 24/7 to answer your questions and explain our proven approach to being successful at a driver's license review hearing.

Driver’s License Restoration Win Rate Over 97%

Our team of dedicated attorneys has been successful in over 97% of the hundreds of Michigan driver's license review hearings in which we represented clients whose licenses had been suspended or revoked. Our firm's success is the result of extensive preparation and a clear understanding of the laws involved. Grabel & Associates' attorneys have successfully represented clients in front of every Hearings Officer and every Driver Assessment & Appeal Division (DAAD) throughout the state of Michigan. Our Michigan driver's license restoration lawyers will help you gather all the information necessary for success at a hearing or administrative review, ensure that the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly, completely, and fully to prepare you for the hearing.

Our lawyers excel in tailoring their arguments to the particular facts in your case. With a Grabel & Associates' attorney on your side, you will be fully prepared when your hearing date arrives in the mail.

Proven Results

Our Track Record and Experience Are Unsurpassed for Getting Our Clients Back on The Road

  • Client with four drunk driving offenses from Florida full privileges granted

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  • Client with two drunk driving offenses from Michigan restricted privileges granted

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  • Client with one minor in possession of alcohol and two drunk driving offenses from Michigan restricted privileges granted

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Written Guarantee - Our Restoration Attorneys Get It Right the First Time

In Michigan, people are limited to filing only one driver's license restoration petition per year. If an appeal is unsuccessful, you have to wait another year before filing another request. However, Grabel & Associates provides clients a written guarantee. If we don't succeed in getting your driver's license restored at the first hearing, our Michigan driver's license reinstatement lawyers will represent you at no charge in any future trial until your driving privileges are restored. It is therefore in our interest, to succeed the first time around, avoiding the misery of another year without a driver's license and unpaid work for us. Our reputation for outstanding results has been built on the strength of our guaranteed efforts.

Free Initial Consultation with an Attorney 24/7

Contact us today to discuss the details of your situation and find out whether you are eligible for a hearing or an administrative review before the Michigan Driver Assessment and Appeal Division.

If you entrust us with your case, we will immediately send you an information packet and begin the process of scheduling your review hearing. In most cases, such hearings are scheduled within six to eight weeks from the date when the petition reaches the Michigan Secretary of State's office.

If your driver's license has been revoked or suspended and you are ready to begin the restoration process, please review the additional information on our website. Contact the experienced and dedicated Michigan attorneys at Grabel & Associates right away. With lawyers throughout the entire state of Michigan, Grabel & Associates handles driver's license matters in all 83 counties.

Contact us 24/7 by calling 1-800-677-9795 (toll-free) or filling out and submitting our online "Contact Us" form.

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If your driver’s license has been revoked or suspended, our attorneys are standing by to help you restore your driving priveleges. Call for a free intial consultation with Grabel & Associates. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions you may have.

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Please note: Recently DLAD/DAAD changed their name to the Administrative Hearings Section (AHS). Common use of the name AHS has not yet been widely accepted and the entity responsible for driver’s license hearings is still referred to as DLAD/DAAD in almost all legal areas, which is why we continue to use the term “DLAD/DAAD” throughout our website. More information about this change can be found at the Michigan Secretary of State’s website here.

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Client Reviews

Mr. Grabel took time to listen to me, and fully explain myself on my first call, well before I signed the retainer. He really listened, he understood the legal proses, and suggest a course of action that cost me nothing beyond the initial retainer, and it ended favorably for me. Not only did I get what I want, but I received more help that I thought I would get. The amount of attention I received was pleasantly surprising. Mr. Grabel took a real interest in my case, because he understood I had done no wrong. He really fought for me! I'll return to Scott Grabel if I ever need him again FOR SURE. H.R.
This firm is no joke! DO NOT waste your money on any other law firm in the state. I paid $3000 for a "high-level" attorney and was denied twice. After having a consultation with Grabel & Associates, they could not believe I was ever denied and got my license back first try. I am telling you from first hand experience - INVEST IN GRABEL & ASSOCIATES!! Rob
My lawyer was extremely thorough, and did everything possible to make sure I got the results I was looking for. R.B.